Vittori- Rocci Post 56

143Brimbal Ave., Beverly, MA 01915

(978) 927-2103 or e-mail vrpost56@gmail.com

Dance Calendar for 2020

You may print and return the coupon on the bottom of this page to make reservations.

Jan 11, 2020   Winter Fest

Feb 8, 2020   Valentine’s Day

Mar 14, 2020  St. Pat’s

April 11, 2020  Italian Night       

May 9, 2020  Ladies Night

June 13, 2020  Scholarships

July 11, 2020  BBQ Night

Aug 8, 2020  Lobster Night

Sept 12, 2020  Luau

Oct 10, 2020  Columbus Day

Nov 14, 2020 Thanksgiving

Dec 12, 2020  Christmas


Roasted half chicken

Corned Beef

Chicken Cutlet and Pasta

Roast Pork

Baked ham

Steak or Chicken

Lobster or Chicken

Hawaiian Luau

Roast Beef and Gravy 

Roast Turkey

To be announced

Ray Cavicchio

D.B. Orchestra

Ray Cavicchio

Ray Cavicchio

Peter Saran

Ray Cavicchio

D.B. Orchestra

Peter Saran

D.B. Orchestra

D.B. Orchestra

Peter Saran

D.B. Orchestra


Make check payable to the VITTORI ROCCI POST 56 and mail with this COUPON to:

Vittori Rocci Post, 143 Brimbal Ave., Beverly, MA 01915 Attn: Dance Committee

Name: ______________________________________ Tel # :_____________

Enclosed is my check in the amount of: $ _____ to cover _____ persons @ $ _______ each*

    * Please note price adjustment for some dinners such as steak or lobster

                        For dance on (date)  __________/___________/2020


List all in your party: _________________________________________________


Tables of 8 or 10 may be reserved
Please send in reservations as early as possible
                                                Handicap accessible