Vittori-Rocci Post # 56

143 Brimbal Ave., Beverly, MA 01915

(978) 927-2103 or vrpost56@gmail.com

The purposes of the corporation are as provided in the articles of incorporation and include - (1) giving patriotic allegiance to the United States, fidelity to the Constitution and laws of the United States, and support to the security of civil liberty and permanence of free institutions; (2) stimulating patriotism in the minds of Americans by encouraging the study of the history of the United States; (3) ensuring the preservation and defense of the United States from all enemies without reservation; (4) preserving the memories and records of patriotic service performed by men and women who served in the Armed Forces, by gathering, collating, editing, publishing, and exhibiting the memorabilia, information, records, military awards, decorations, and citations of those who served in the Armed Forces; (5) promoting peace, prosperity, and good will between the peoples of the United States and Italy; and (6) functioning as a veterans' and patriotic organization as authorized by the laws of each State in which it is incorporated.

Membership in this organization is divided into three classes:

Membership (Full) is open to any person who served in the Armed Forces of the United States (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force or Coast Guard), as well as the National Guard and Reserve units, is eligible for membership in the organization, provided such service, when terminated by discharge or release from active duty, be by honorable discharge or separation. (*National Guard service or Reserve service is not credited for membership unless the person is placed on regular active duty, exclusive of periodic and/or training periods.)

To view or print a Membership application, please click on this link:Membership Application


Additionally an Associate Membership is available which provides all benefits except to attend official Post meetings or to vote on any Post issues. To view or print an Associate Membership application, please click on this link: Associate Membership Application

Also, there is a "Social" VIRO membership which provides a courtesy card allowing enjoyment of the social amenities in the lounge offered by Post# 56. To secure a VIRO membership application, please see any bartender in the Lounge.

 ALL applications are subject to review and approval of appropriate committees of The Vittori-Rocci Post.